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Proxy order for mirainomirai

Proxy order for mirainomirai

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⚬ Condition:Brand New

Package Included:

link 1:

name: [GEETRUO] 폭신 키링 (2종)

option: Alllthatgliters(왼) (+500) [qty: 1]


link 2:

name: [GEETRUO] 낱장스티커_라이터 [qty: 3]


link 3:

name: [GEETRUO] all that glitters

option: allthatglitters_1 [qty: 1]


link 4:

name: [GEETRUO] 씰스티커 3종

option: 히라가나 [qty: 2]

option: allthatglitters [qty: 2]


link 5:

name: [GEETRUO] 토끼 칼선 씰스티커 [qty: 1]


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