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[Pre-order Closed] [Taiwan Special Edition] Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint Vol.11 & Vol.12 Special Edition (with pre-order benefit)

[Pre-order Closed] [Taiwan Special Edition] Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint Vol.11 & Vol.12 Special Edition (with pre-order benefit)

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🦋 Pre-order item can't be canceled, Please make a careful purchase 🙏🏼 

Pre-order Period : Pre-order Period : until May 30 in Korean time
Expected published date : after 2-3 months

Taiwan version
(全知讀者視角 特裝版 Volume 11,12 Limited SET)
Publisher : Starwatcher Publishing(Taiwan)

❶Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint Volume 11

❷Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint Volume 12(END)

❸Acrylic  scene standee set|■■
Acrylic Standee Set
◆Specifications: 14.5 × 20.5cm (whole board)/3mm acrylic/double-sided full color + partial white ink
◆Drawed by well-known Korean painters HABAN and 몽몽

❹Omniscient Reader's  Viewpoint Tarot Deck|22 big cards including outer box
Tarot of Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint
◆Specification: 8.5 × 17cm/350P copper + single-sided silver foil card
◆Illustrated by the famous illustrator Sainker. white sand design

❺Instant  Photo Card Set|Star Heart
Instant Camera Photo Set
◆Specifications: 7 × 10cm/300p copper + partial light
◆Illustrated by the famous Korean illustrator BLACKBOX

❻Plush  Badge Set|Happy Time
Plush Badge Set
◆Specification: 5.8cm/Tinplate + Crystal Velvet & Sponge
◆Drawed by the popular painter Boss

❼Kim  Dokja Group Identification Card Set |Two representatives
Kim Dokja Company ID Card Set
◆Specification: 8.55 × 5.4cm/700P PVC thick card/Double-sided color printing
◆Drawed by the famous Korean illustrator 영큐

❽Character Lines Collection Cards|Three characters’ classic lines Quote Lines Collection Cards ◆Specification: 7 × 12cm/350P copper + hot stamping/rounded corners ◆Illustrated by HABAN, a well-known Korean illustrator 

❾Super texture collection book box|High quality matte hard book box High Quality Matte Book Box ◆Specifications: 15.5 × 11.7 × 21.3cm/300P white copper + matte P + partial light + hot laser silver ◆Drawed by the famous Korean painter HABAN 

✦. 【Pre-order bonus】 ✦. ✦. ✦

 thick special gift card to commemorate the completion|The Oldest Dream
1 Finale Special Art Print
◆Specifications: 14.5 × 19.9cm/2mm Diamond Card + Special Hot Film
◆Illustrated by the famous illustrator Kanemaru

❷  Film Strip Transparent Cards (2 pieces)| Under the Sun
2 Film Strip Transparent Cards
◆ Specifications: 6.5 × 9.5cm
◆ Illustrated by the famous Korean illustrator BLACKBOX

❸    Cooling Towel (1 pack)|End of the story
1 Cooling Towel
◆Specification: 25 × 50cm
◆Drawed by the famous Korean artist HABAN

❹    Plot illustration card set (11 pieces)|The world seen by readers
11 Postcards
◆Specification: 10 × 14.5cm
◆Illustrated by the famous Korean illustrator BLACKBOX


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