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[collaboration cafe] Under the Greenlight : perfume set

[collaboration cafe] Under the Greenlight : perfume set

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πŸ’™Β Perfume products can be ordered up to two per order.
If you order perfume and other products together, it will be canceled without notice.
ex. 1 perfume - OKAY! πŸ‘
2 perfumes- OKAY! πŸ‘
3 perfumes - will be canceled! ❌
1 perfume and other merchandise - will be canceled! ❌

πŸ’™ When your country not allowed for this item, it can be canceled without notice.

πŸ’™ Perfume should be sent through UPS only, so please choose the shipping option 'UPS' when you checkout.
For USA buyers, USPS or UPS is okay!Β 

πŸ’™ When you use the Korean warehouse address, We are not responsible for any problems with perfume after it was shipped to the your warehouse address. We are not responsible for customs issues in your country or customs clearance issues of perfume when you use the korean warehouse address. We can only help you with perfume that is shipped directly from us.

Package Included:
perfume + perfume blotter + photo card +Β Perfume Information Card

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