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How to Snag an Alpha : AR Collecting Cards

How to Snag an Alpha : AR Collecting Cards

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⚬ 'How to Snag an Alpha' Official Product

⚬ AR Collecting Card

option 01
10 × Card(8×normal cards + 2×rare cards) with binder cover

option 02
1 card(random)

------------------- 🍄🍄🍄

you can use the AR card using "BNOW" app,
you can instal here,

1. After installing the Bnow app, please recognize the AR card image you purchased.
    1. **Original registration is required.**
        If you see the phrase, the image is recognized normally, so please touch the turquoise area.
    2. Would you like to register **card?**
        Press the OK button to proceed to the card registration page**(REGISTER)**.
        Please register the serial number of the AR card you purchased.

2. If you re-recognize the card image after registering the serial number, the changed phrase will appear.
    1. Please touch the ** card.**
        If you touch the phrase, the animation will come out.
        (※You can adjust the size of the character by touching the screen with both fingers.)
        The first animation is in the state of children, and you can watch the animation with one more touch.
        You can capture/shoot animation by touching the shape of 'camera/camcorder' at the bottom of the animation.
3. Use frames and stickers to decorate captured animation images in your own style!
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